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It’s Time to Talk About Oils for Skincare

It’s time to talk about oils for skincare. Why? Because your skin is the largest and one of the most important organs of the body. It's important to give it the vitamins, nutrients, and protection it deserves. This means pulling away from processed skincare products and turning to all-natural, organic ingredients. Natural oils are growing in popularity, and we’re here to explain why with these four skincare benefits.

Oils Moisturize the Skin

If someone tells you that oils can’t moisturize hair and skin, don’t listen to them. Oils act as an occlusive, meaning they apply a protective seal to your skin. They absorb deep into the skin, ultimately strengthening the skin barrier, which can help trap moisture. Before applying any oil to your skin, make sure that it’s hydrated first for the oil to seal in moisture. The best time to apply oil is after showering. By doing so, you can achieve smoother skin in weeks.

Oils Can Cleanse Your Skin

Cleaning dirt and grime from your skin is an essential part of your skincare routine. Facial cleansers are good but can sometimes strip the skin of essential nutrients and good bacteria.

The right oil, on the other hand, bonds with the dirt and oil on your skin, removing the bad, while keeping the good intact. What exactly does the right oil look like? It should be plant-based, as plant-based oils provide the skin with many benefits, like antioxidants, fatty acids, and triglycerides. Also, make sure the oil you use for your skin is high-quality and organic.

Some of the best plant oils for the skin are:

  • Coconut oil
  • Shea butter oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • Almond oil
  • Sunflower oil
  • Grapeseed oil

There are many more, but let’s stop here.

If you don’t know which to choose, why not buy a body oil with a blend of skin-loving ingredients, like Life’s Butter Body Oil? Not only does it moisturize the skin, but it can also get rid of stretch marks, and scars, and improve uneven skin tone.

Oils Treat Dry and Sensitive Skin

Dry skin is one of the most problematic skin types, as it can cause itchiness, pigmentation, and premature wrinkles. Using body oils can help you get ahead of these skin ailments. They are extremely beneficial if you have dry skin because they create a lipid barrier, which protects the skin against environmental stressors. Unlike lotions and creams, oils penetrate deep into the layers of your skin, allowing the skin to quickly absorb the vitamins and hydrating acids oils possess. 

If you have sensitive skin, your skin probably reacts badly to many skincare products on the market. Some of the most popular products contain parabens, GMOs, and synthetic fragrances – all ingredients that can wreak havoc on your sensitive skin.

Let’s not forget natural oils are packed with the “good stuff” your skin needs. For example, fatty acids protect the skin barrier, antioxidants combat future damage and anti-inflammatory oils like clove and patchouli soothe irritated skin.

Oils Nourish Skin

Okay. This one is obvious. Think about all the things natural oils can do for your skin. They can hydrate, protect, strengthen, and soothe. Most are packed with ingredients your skin can benefit from, such as antioxidants and peptides.

When searching for oils for skincare, it’s easy to find nourishing body oils, so why not have some fun with them? The Healthy Glow Body Shimmer is our idea of fun. Not only does it nourish the skin, but it leaves your body shimmering gold like a Greek princess.

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