Are Anti-Stretch Marks Oils Worth the Hype

Are Anti-Stretch Marks Oils Worth the Hype?

When looking for a skincare product to target scars and stretch marks, there are many products on the market. If you’re not a “product junkie” and hesitate to introduce a new product in your skincare routine, you may not be eager to make a new purchase. After all, many of these anti-cellulite and anti-stretch marks products are not worth the hype – in fact, they’re absolute gimmicks.

We understand your reservations and are here to dissuade you of them by introducing one product we guarantee will work: Life’s Butter Oil for Stretch Marks & Uneven Skin Tone. Yes, we get that we’re a little biased, but stay with us. We will explain why this golden oil (or any other high-quality, proven anti-stretch marks oil) is definitely worth the hype.

How to Use it?

The latest product in Life’s Butter inventory, the oil can be used for more than reducing the appearance of stretch marks. Other uses include replenishing the skin with nutrients (it’s formulated with all-natural oils, including jojoba oil, to moisturize skin, reduce cellulite and stretch marks, reduce UV damage, and restore skin with vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids). Naturally, it can also help to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy and minimize the appearance of scars.

Can All Skin Types Benefit?

When the word “oil” comes to mind, people with oily and combination skin usually steer clear of such products. Understandable. The good news about Life’s Butter Oil for Stretch Marks & Uneven Skin Tone is that it’s suitable for all skin types and ages. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Pregnant women
  • Women who are post-pregnancy
  • Elderly individuals
  • Individuals with dry skin
  • Individuals with inflammatory skin conditions (i.e., eczema)
  • Sun-damaged skin

And yes, even oily and combination skin types. The main ingredient in this formula is jojoba oil, which helps balance oil production and promotes clear non-greasy skin.

How to Apply Anti-Stretch Marks Oils

It is recommended to apply oils daily after you shower. Skin is at its most moist after showering and when you apply oil it locks in that moisture.

Apply the oil in circular motions, moving upwards. Make sure the product is fully absorbed into the skin. This technique will guarantee results within weeks.

While some products are understandably over-hyped, if you look past the gimmicks, you'll discover an anti-stretch mark oil that is a must for your skincare routine. 

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