Life’s Butter’s New Glitter Skin Nourishing Shimmer-a must have!

Life’s Butter’s New Glitter Skin Nourishing Shimmer-a must have!

NEW PRODUCT ALERT: From us, the makers of Life’s Butter (the Anti-cellulite product that everyone is obsessed with) comes a new addition to our skincare family. It is a brand-new product, launching in early fall. This cream is an all-natural shimmer cream that you did not know how badly you needed. The concept is genius: this product is a moisture lotion that we all ought to moisturize but it is taken to the next level by adding a touch of shimmer so you will always have that hydrated, sun-kissed look even if you did not just come back from St.Tropez 😊

Our USA based company has been doing a lot of extra research and waited until this formula is perfected so make no mistake, this new lotion contains only natural high-quality ingredients. We will not put our name on a product that we do not use ourselves and that we do not believe in 110%. In the past few months, we have collected data from other companies that have similar products and we are proud to say that after taking an extensive look at the product ingredients list, Life’s Butter Nourishing Shimmer is your best bet.

Not only does the lotion stay on all day and washes off easily with soap and water, but it also contains only the best quality ingredients so your skin will benefit from this as well. There are no fillers or harmful parabens here. For example, some of the ingredients are as follows: Shea Butter-is a fat that is taken from the African nut that grows on the shea tree. Very commonly used in cosmetics as a moisturizer lotion. In shea butter, you will find many fatty acids and vitamins.

There are no chemicals in shea butter making it safe and effective. Marula Oil-is extraordinarily rich in protein and can be found in high-quality skin and hair treatments. This oil contains amino acids, fatty acids, and many antioxidants such as Vitamins A and C. Marula Oil is lightweight and is absorbed quickly into the skin. This exquisite oil is extracted from the Marula tree kernels found in Africa. Jojoba Oil-the oil comes from a plant that grows here in North America. You can find the Jojoba plant in more desertlike climates such as Arizona.

This oil is very nutritious for the skin and can be used alone for many things like soothing chapped lips, moisturizing all over that lasts, removing makeup, and great cuticle treatment, and much more. When used in our product you will see the benefits once applied. It ensures that your skin will be hydrated and stay that way no matter what climate you are in. Rosehip Seed Oil-also full of antioxidants, vitamins, and fatty acids that do wonders for your skin. This oil comes from the rosa canon arose bush that is from South America.

The seed oil is different than the rose oil that is taken from the petals. The seed oil is taken from the actual seeds of the rose plant. As you can plainly see, these are the components of this incredible new product. All-natural that will not clog your pores. This product is cruelty-free, of course. The price will be $29.99 for a bottle that should last due to the high concentration (a little goes a long way).

You will be able to pre-order next month through the Life’s Butter website. Stay tuned for important information and product release dates. Make sure you get your Shimmer lotion!

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