Social Media/Bloggers Collaborations

Life's Butter invites social media influencers to join our partnership program!

As of August 31, 2020 we invite social media influencers/bloggers to join our partnership program! Everyone eligible for the program will receive a free product in exchange of a genuine review and feedback for our product.

How does the program works?
Once you apply with your personal information, our team will review the application. If you are approved, you will get a welcome email with a special promo code and a link. The link will be able to automatically track every sale. At the end of each campaign, every blogger/influencer will receive a payout.

How much is the payout?
Every sale counts! We will pay out 25% of each transaction, regardless of the amount. 

Who is eligible?
Our approval process applies for social media influencers as well as bloggers. There isn't a particular eligibility requirements. The ultimate goal is to bring awareness to the brand and spread awareness. The amount of followers and visitors matters, but it's not going to guarantee an approval.

How do I join?
Simply fill out the form below, and one of our representatives will reach out!