L-Carnitine as a Cellulite Reducer

L-Carnitine as a Cellulite Reducer

Such a funny word but wait until you hear more…

Maybe you have heard of this amazing amino acid that is produced naturally in the body and has incredible advantages. It aids the body in building new skin cells and can even reduce irritability on the skin due to blemishes, scars, and damage from sun, or other free radicals.  L- carnitine aids the body in converting fat to energy. Most importantly, L -Carnitine is great for making the skin become firm or firmer (depends on the day, I guess).  You can find this component in creams, supplements, and even in the form of a powder to eat. I know it is a lot of information but let me elaborate more so you can really understand better.

L- carnitine has a large number of moisturizing abilities because it causes the cell to hold on to moisture that is produced in the skin organically. Even a small amount of this will go a long way when we are talking about moisture. Let me clarify, L- carnitine is not a moisturizer, it enhances the way the cell can hold on to moisture. Everyone produces L- carnitine in their body and in some, it may be enough. However, due to genetic or medical causes, the amount produced in the body may not always be enough so that is when a supplement is necessary to aid in the production of more L-carnitine. We have discovered that many vegans are lacking this since they do not eat meat or other animal-derived sources that contain L-carnitine naturally.

My favorite form of L- carnitine is in a cream because I personally feel that it is most beneficial that way. I am always in a constant battle with stretch marks and cellulite as I am sure I am not alone in this. When this component is mixed in a lotion it can really add to the ability to reduce the appearance of cellulite and other skin dilemmas. 

There are other natural ingredients that are in these products but this is one of the main ingredients. I am simply amazed at this lotion and I feel that it really stands above all others. I speak from experience when I say that this cream will help you achieve the skin you have always dreamed of, that photoshopped look!

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