Dry Brushing… How does this work?

Dry Brushing… How does this work?

Dry brushing- a term that has been around for ages but is quite new to me. I must admit… I absolutely love it!  So many amazing benefits can come from this process! It helps with lymphatic support, exfoliation, cleanses oil from pores and most importantly, reduces cellulite! If you are like me than the cellulite removal is what sold me on this. I am always looking for the most effective way to remove cellulite from my body and this is amazing.

If you use the dry brush prior to using your anti-cellulite cream than you will see that the results will be better and more rapid. I love the combination of the dry brushing and my Life’s Butter. In order to achieve the most effectiveness from dry brushing, you have to make sure you are doing it correctly.  I am going to help you step by step with this process because sometimes adding more to your daily routine can be a bit overwhelming.

The selection of the right dry brush is the very first thing. Life’s Butter comes with a dry brush and it is basically a firm brush with a strap to help hold it in place. Being a fan of exfoliating, I enjoy the sensation of the dry brush. Once you have chosen the brush for you, you can begin the process. I always dry brush before I shower so I can clean all the excess skin that becomes loose from doing so. Try to do this in the bathtub or tiled surface to catch the falling skin (I know, sounds a bit gross). It is recommended to dry brush daily depending on your skin type. If you have more sensitive skin, than maybe 3 times a week is enough for you.  Always make sure your skin is dry before doing this. It won’t be effective if you brush otherwise.

Start by brushing at your thighs in a circular motion. You can start off slowly and if needed, go a little faster continuing the same circular motion. From your thigh area, you can work your way to the buttocks and hips using that same motion. You may notice pieces of skin falling to the ground, don’t be alarmed these are dead skin cells and you don’t need them. Gradually work your way to the stomach area, moving in a clockwise motion, continuing to brush several times over each area overlapping as you go.

This may feel a bit strange at the beginning but believe me, you will get used to this sensation very quickly. Now you can slowly move upward to your arms and upper back. Please remember, avoid genitals, face, and any open cuts, abrasions, and patches of eczema. Dry brushing over these areas may occur in aggravating the skin unnecessarily. You can absolutely use this on your feet and legs to get that exfoliating feeling there as well.

Once you have completed the brushing, rinse off your body from all the dead cells and toxins that have been brought to the surface and loosened by the brush. Dry your body in a gentle patting manor. You may also feel invigorated after doing this. This is due to the reduction of muscle tension and stress relief associated with dry brushing. Once you have dried off completely, you are ready to apply Life’s Butter Cellulite Removal Cream. It will absorb into your skin fast and you will feel 100% more moisturized.

For best results, please remember to always clean your brush with soap and water once a week. Dry thoroughly to avoid mildew accumulation in your brush.

There you have it, your personal guide to dry brushing. I hope that this was helpful and that you will love this as much as I do.


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