Cellulite and Coffee Scrubs

Cellulite and Coffee Scrubs

Cellulite! Most of you probably know what these dimples are, they are stubborn and not the cute kind! There are many treatments to try and so many options. Upon doing a lot of research in this matter, we have concluded that coffee scrubs can in fact reduce the appearance of stubborn cellulite.

It is highly recommended to use a coffee scrub prior to any treatment to get the most benefits from whatever treatment you decide to go with. Think of it like a clean slate that will help your lotion absorb more quickly and be more effective as well.

There are other numerous benefits when using a coffee scrub for your body. You will feel a more hydrated skin and even see how smooth your skin can be. When you exfoliate, you are basically removing all the dead skin cells from the surface of your skin.

Adding caffeine to the mix can only speed up the process of smooth skin. Life’s Butter Coffee Scrub contains only all-natural, high- quality coffee as well as other ingredients that will hydrate skin and last all day.

Cellulite can be seen on areas like:

- Hips

- Thighs

- Buttocks

- Tummy

- Breasts

You can use the coffee scrub on all the areas listed above daily or as needed. With all the added antioxidants from the caffeine, your skin will tighten and most likely the scrub will eliminate excess water in the body.

Please remember, you must be consistent to achieve the most effective results.

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