Coffee Scrub Benefits for Acne

Coffee Scrub Benefits for Acne

Coffee scrubs have become extremely popular in the skin care world. There are many benefits when using a scrub that contains caffeine. Caffeine has been proven to stimulate blood flow in the body and bring fresh blood to the skin’s surface while reducing inflammation and brightening your skin.

Any scrub in general is always a good idea when dealing with acne on your body or even stubborn acne scars. When you scrub, you are exfoliating or removing dead skin cells from the skin’s surface.

This is a vital step that will stop the clog of pores and in turn, stop acne breakouts. Coffee scrubs are packed with antioxidants and in our opinion, you can never have too much of those.

These antioxidants make an effective acne fighting scrub. We do not recommend using a scrub like this on your face if you have acne because it can do more harm by causing the skin to rip and even reopening blemishes.

If you have scars or acne on your body, then this scrub is for you.

It is best to use the scrub in the shower on wet skin. You will massage the scrub in tiny, circular motions. Try to go light in the beginning and you will see that in time you will be able to massage a little bit harder and more aggressively.

Coffee is considered a natural antibacterial- that just means that it is always working overtime to fight bacteria that can cause breakouts.

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