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Get Rid of Cellulite with a Kona Coffee Scrub

Cellulite is a common skin condition that affects roughly 90% of women and 10% of men. It is characterized by dimpled or bumpy skin and, while not a favorable comparison, it is often said to resemble cottage cheese. Researchers can’t pinpoint a direct cause of cellulite, and the common misconception is that people who are overweight generally get it. However, even slender athletes can experience this condition.

Cellulite involves the accumulation of fat cells that push against the skin, while the long fibrous connective chords pull downwards. Although the condition is harmless, it can impact people’s self-esteem, forcing them to find treatments to effectively get rid of the issue. Many people use anti-cellulite cream, some of which are effective, depending on the ingredients.

Coffee is another anti-cellulite treatment. No, we don’t mean drinking coffee, but applying it topically to the skin. Coffee scrubs are growing in popularity because of their caffeine and antioxidant properties. More scientific proof is needed to determine whether it can minimize cellulite, but individual results are promising.

Treating Cellulite with Kona Coffee

There are several kinds of coffee you can use to mitigate the effects of cellulite, including Kona coffee scrubs, or scrubs that contain Kona coffee as an ingredient. Kona is a special type of coffee that is only grown on two volcanos on the Big Island in Hawaii. While most people enjoy brewing a hot cup of Kona coffee, because it’s packed with minerals (and of course antioxidants), organic Kona coffee makes a wonderful skin ingredient.

When it comes to treating cellulite, you need to maintain realistic expectations. Once you have cellulite, it is virtually impossible to get rid of it. The goal is to minimize its appearance, which is achievable with the right products. Coffee scrubs can treat cellulite in several ways, mainly by absorbing excess water and improving blood flow, both of which can tighten the skin and reduce cellulite's appearance.

As with all coffee skincare products, Kona coffee scrubs offer exfoliating properties. Exfoliators work to remove dead skin cells for a more even skin texture. Again, exfoliating cannot get rid of cellulite. However, consistent use can reduce its appearance.

How to Use Life’s Butter Kona Coffee Scrub

To use the coffee scrub, apply a generous amount to clean, damp skin – never apply it to dry skin, as this can cause tears. Gently massage the granules over the affected areas with your fingertips – don’t rub it into the skin. After a few minutes, rinse clean. The exfoliating properties have primed the skin for other skincare products to work more effectively, so we recommend applying Life’s Butter anti-cellulite cream to restore hydration and to show that cellulite who’s boss!

For best results, use a few times a week. If you start to notice sensitivity or rashes, discontinue use, or cut back to once a week. Results will vary, but you should notice significant results after a few weeks of consistently applying the product.

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